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The best marketing, the best representation, and the best images that are used to market and sell their vessels. This is where Shots That Sell comes in. With years of experience, creativity, hard work, and yacht insight, Shots That Sell is well suited to provide you with the best eye-catching luxury yacht photography results that attract prospects and drive sales.  Your marketing will be elevated, your listings will stand out, and your clients will love you even more for hiring the best photographer for their unique needs.


As a Rhode Island based commercial photographer, Mark Sven Oltedale prides himself on providing the best yacht photography results for his clients including interior, exterior, dockside, afloat, and underway including drone aerial images. All photos are fully retouched and delivered via a private and easy to use webpage.


Earlier in life, Mark was a student/commercial shell fisherman who worked on Narragansett Bay and gained a great appreciation and respect for the the water.  His core interest in photography led him to create Shots That Sell in 2015.

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